New Upvise v4.1.4 for Android

We just released a minor update of the Upvise Pro for Android  v4.1.4:

  1. Spanish translation support in key apps : Contacts, Tasks, Notes (more to come)
  2. Better incoming phone call detection log
  3. Minor bug fixes

You can download the update directly from the Android Market on your phone/tablet.

Adding Contacts directly to a Company

Up to now, you could only assign a contact to a company by editing the contact and setting the Company field.

You can now add contacts directly to a Company.

On your mobile, goto the Edit screen of the Company and under the Linked Items section, select Contacts. You can either add an already existing contact or create a new contact.
In your web account, click on the New button from the View Company screen, and select New contact. You can either add an existing contact from the drop-down list or create a new contact.

Call “phonenumber” and Email “email” type of Custom Fields

When you define a Custom field that has the type “phonenumber”, you can now call the number directly when selecting it from the view screen of the data item.
In the same way when you define an “email” type of custom field, you can email the contact directly from the view screen.

N.B.: Requires Upvise version 4.1.4 for Android

Custom Fields can be defined in the Contacts, Projects, Sales app, etc..: click on the More button in the tool bar of the web app and select the Custom Fields menu.