Tip: Is it possible to see how many hours staff was working for a customer by using the Jobs app?

Yes, you can use Jobs together with the Timesheets app.

In Jobs Options, check the option: “Automatically log Labour to timesheet” (in the Job Completion tab).

Note that the “Simple Job Workflow” option must be unchecked in the General tab.


Edit Owner, Location and Date of Form

You can now edit the Owner, Date and Location of a Form on your mobile.

Open the Form screen and tap on the Info (i) icon to view owner, date and address details. Then tap on the Edit icon to change these details.

Note that this functionality is only available for Admin users and requires that the setting: “Allow to edit Form Owner, Date & Location” be enabled in the Forms web app / Options menu / User Rights section.

N.B.: the functionality was already available on the web in the Edit Form /Properties tab screen.




Equipment App update : Dependent Equipment

We added new features to improve the usability of dependent / child equipment linked to a main equipment:

You can restrict the main equipment list to one of more groups. Go to the Equipment web app and tap Options on the left pane. Then select one or more groups. It means  it is easier when you edit a dependent equipment to change its parent equipment : fewer items will appear on the combo box.

Easily add a dependent equipment from a main equipment view screen on the web : tap  plus button on the toolbar, then Sub Equipment. You can then select a group and a dependent equipment in the combo box.


Notification on submission of Public Forms

We have added an option in Public Forms where you can now specify an email to receive a notification each time a new Public Form is submitted.

The notification is sent both in the Android notification pane and by email. You can click on the link in the email to open the Form in Upvise.

To set the notification email, edit the Template in th Forms web app, open the ‘Sharing’ tab. Click Enable Public to make the form public.

Enter an email in the Form Submitted Notification Email field to receive the notifications.


Tracking Previous Shipments in Packing Slips

You have prepared an Invoice with a list of Products ordered in various quantities.
You start shipping products as soon as they are ready, i.e. it takes several shipments to deliver all the ordered products.

You can create a Packing Slip from the Invoice. When a shipment is ready for delivery, edit the Shipped Quantities for each Product included in the Shipment, and print out the Packing Slip.

You can now also track Previous Shipments:

Each Product in the Packing Slip includes a “Previously Shipped Quantity” field which keeps track of the number of items already shipped.
After the first shipment, whenever you update the Shipped Quantity of a Product in the Packing Slip, the Previously Shipped Quantity field is automatically incremented by the previous quantity shipped. (Note: this is subject to your prior confirmation via a popup message).