New Upvise version 5.1 for Android

We just released a new version of Upvise 5.1 for Android phones and tablets.

It contains a lot of UI improvements, to make it simpler, cleaner and more efficient

Top Action Bar

  • New refresh indicator as a horizontal progress bar below the action bar,
  • New gesture: Swipe down to refresh the page (you can also continue to use the Refresh menu item)

Left Side View

  • Updated Left Application Pane, which slides on top the current view
  • New grip indicator next to the Upvise icon,

Phone Call Log duration auto compute.

  • When the Automatic incoming phone call settings is enabled, the call duration is automatically computed for you.
  • You can always edit it in the Move Note screen.

New Sort By icon in most List views
In Deals, Quotes, Tasks, Notes, Ideas for quick sorting & filtering options

Simplified Edit Screens
For Tasks, Events, Contacts and Companies with a Show More button at the bottom of the page.

Cleaner Calendar view

  • Only horizontal lines are displayed
  • Only the days of the current month are visible

Cleaner Contact View Screen

  • The job title and company name are now displayed in one line.
  • The send SMS feature is now available by pressing the SMS icon next to the phone call icon,

Cleaner Task & Event Screen
The Time field is now of the same line next to the Date field,


contact sideview


How to Integrate Upvise with MailChimp to create Email Marketing Campaigns

You can easily export emails address to the popular MailChimp web service  to send and manage email marketing campaigns.

On Upvise

  1. Go to your Upvise Web Account and click on Contacts apps
  2. Organize your Upvise Contacts into different list using  groups.
  3. Click on one group on the left pane and click on Send button > Mass Mailing Tool
  4. Click on Download CSV file. This will download the list of emails for the group to your computer

on MailChimp

  1. Make sure your have created a free MailChimp account
  2. Log in into MailChimp
  3. Click on Lists on the top of the page, then Create List Button
  4. Enter  a List name, for Example, Upvise List, and click Save
  5. click on Import, and select your previously downloaded CSV File

You’re done!

You can now create and send email marketing campaigns using your Upvise Email Address list.

Jobs App update

We implemented the following changes on the mobile Android Job app:

  • When you edit / create a company, if you select first a company, the contact field is narrowed to the Company users.
  • When you create a new Job from a Contact, the Job’s contact, company and address are set automatically from the Contact. Same when you create a job from a Company
  • When you edit or change the company / contact field in a Job and if the job address was empty, the job address field is automatically filled with the contact/company address
  • If you are an Admin or Manager, in the View Job screen > Activity tab, you can edit the checkin / checkout date by tapping on it