Upvise on Windows Phone 7

We are pleased to announce Upvise is now available on Windows Phone 7.
To install it, just search for Upvise in the Market Place app on your phone.

Key Features:
1 – Clean, minimalistic User Interface
2 – Works offline, with optimized & secure synchronization protocol
3 – Fast and reliable
4 – Full Integration with Windows Phone 7, Bing Maps for address,
Phone dialer, Email & SMS composer for Contacts, Camera support.


Generate an Invoice from a Quote in the Sales app

You can now download an invoice as a PDF file, that is automatically generated from a Quote in the Upvise Sales app. You can also send this PDF file by email to your customer. You will automatically receive a copy of the email at the email address of your Upvise account.

This functionality works both on your phone and in your web account.

You can edit the invoice header with your company information: address, registration number, etc.., as well as specify your payment terms that will be displayed in the invoice.

The customer address is copied over from the Company that is linked to the Quote.

On your phone, the invoice PDF file is downloaded from a link in phone’s built-in web browser and can be opened on the device, if you have a PDF viewer installed (e.g. Quick Office).

How to Import Tasks into Lists automatically

To import tasks into task lists, you have to do the import in two steps.

First you import your task list names into the Upvise Tasks app by going to Edit Lists in your web account, and clicking on the Import link.

This is how your CSV file should look like to import the list names:
id, name
“Personal”, “Personal”
“Administrative”, “Administrative”

Note that the id field can be any string, as long as it is unique within the list of names. So you can use the name of the list as an id.

The second step is to import your tasks. The listid is the id that you used when importing the list names. So this is an example how your CSV should look like:
name, listid
“Finish gardening”, “Personal”
“File Income tax return”, “Administrative”

Note that you don’t need to specify the id of a task, as our server automatically creates a unique one for each task. You also don’t need to specify all the fields that are in the export, they will be automatically set to the default value if not present.

Your tasks will be imported and automatically mapped with the previously imported lists.