We just updated the Sales & Projects application:

New in Projects:

  1. Issues can now have multiple owners
  2. The project Milestones screen now displays the due date and status
  3. New Milestone detail page, which displays the notes associated with the milestone, status and due date.
  4. New section listing the tasks for the milestone.
  5. You can also create directly a new task for this milestone in the same page.

Updated Sales Application

  1. you can now create an Opportunity from a quote
  2. Quotes can now be linked to Contacts, not only Companies

If you have an Android / Blackberry / Java / Symbian or Windows Phone/Mobile, the updates should be visible  the next time you start Upvise on your mobile.

If you have an iPhone/iPad, the new version will be available via the App Store in about 1 week time.


Link Notes to Projects, Opportunities and Quotes

In the Notebooks app in your web account, you can now select multiple notes, and add them to an open Project, Opportunity or Quote.

For example, you can open a Notebook, select all notes in the notebook and select a project, opportunity, or quote in the “Add Note to…” combo, to link the notebook notes to it.

Note that this functionality is only available in the “Compact” View mode, and not in the Extended view.

In the Edit Note screen, you can also set the Project, Opportunity or Quote for an individual note.

Upvise available for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Upvise 3.4 is now available for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We optimized the User Interface for the high resolution screen.And of course it is fully integrated with Google Maps, Gmail and you can even start phone call from the Upvise client to keep in touch with your customers and co-workers.

You can download it now from the Android Market.  Just tap on the Android Market and search for Upvise.

New Upvise Forum on Google Groups

We just opened a new Upvise Google group to replace the forum on our web site.

It is a good place to ask questions and post suggestions to the Upvise community.

You can find it here: http://groups.google.com/group/upvise

To get a specific answer to a  technical problem, please post your question at our Customer service  at http://www.upvise.com/about/contactus.aspx


Upvise version 3.4

We just released Upvise version 3.4 for Android and for Java / Symbian.

What’s new:

  1. Brand new icons for both the Home screen and the start page of each application
  2. Performance improvements.
  3. Bug fixes.

We encourage everyone to update your Upvise client:

  • If you have an Android phone, go to the Android market on your phone, search for Upvise and download it from here.
  • If you have a Java / Symbian phone, go to http://m.upvise.com on your mobile phone browser and download the app.