Weekend Labour Rate for Jobs App

We now support different labour rates for weekdays and weekends.

To enable it :

  • Go to Jobs web app
  • Under Options from the left pane, click on Staff tab
  • Click one one staff and set both a weekday rate and weekend rate



  • Make sure you check “Automatically add labour and mileage Cost” in the Job Completion tab
  • Weekend means Saturday and Sunday
  • To test this new feature, you can manually change the date of your smartphone in your phone’s Settings and start / finish a test job. You should see the weekend rate appear for labour in the Job products and services.



New Floor Plan Support for Maintenance app

You can now upload floor plans to a Maintenance Site and position the asset location on the plan to be used during inspections.

Step 1: Upload floor plan for a Site

  1. Click on one site
  2. Click on + > Add Floor plan from PDF
  3. The floor plan will appear in Floor Plans

Note: You are not limited to PDF Floor Plan, you can also use any photo:

  1. On Site view screen, click on Attach Photo, upload File
  2. Click on Photos, then click on the photo
  3. Click on Info and check This is a floor plan
  4. The photo plan will now appear under Floor Plans

Step 2: Position the site’s Assets on the floor plan
On the mobile app:

  1. go to Sites > Assets, and for each asset for this site
  2. Edit the Asset
  3. Under the Address section, select the correct floor plan
  4. A new Plan tab will appear in the screen, long press the marker to position the asset on the plan

Step 3: Set a custom color for different asset groups on floor plans.
On the web interface
1. Click on Assets on the  left pane
2. Click on an Asset group, then click Edit
3. Select the color you want for this asset group.
When doing an inspection on mobile, there is a new Floor Plans list item which enables you to view all assets to inspection on the floor plan and click on it
to perform the inspection form.



Equipment Status Flag Color

Equipment can be flagged with Custom flags or tag names. We have now added the possibility to customize the color of a Custom Flag.

In the Equipment View screen, the custom Flag will be displayed with this color as a background. In the web Dashboard and in equipment lists, the Equipment will be highlighted with the color of the custom flag if any.

To customize the Color of a Flag, goto the Options menu of the Equipment app, Custom Flags tab. Edit the flag to change the color.