Duplicate Form with new date in xx days

In this template, the data from a submitted Form is copied over to a new Form with the same template and a new date in 7 days.

The Javascript code entered in the Execute on Submit field in the Form template Properties is as follows:

var form2 = {};
form2.templateid = form.templateid;
form2.status = 0;
form2.name = Forms.getNewName(form2.templateid);
form2.owner = User.getName();
form2.date = Date.today(7);
form2.geo = Settings.getLocation();
form2.address = Settings.getAddress(form.geo);
form2.linkedtable = form.linkedtable;
form2.linkedid = form.linkedid;

var values2 = {};
values2.F1 = F1;
values2.F2 = F2;
values2.F3 = F3;
form2.value = JSON.stringify(values2);

Query.insert(“Forms.forms”, form2);

return 1;

Change the value 7 in Date.today(7) to the number of days from Today you want for the new form date.
Change the values F1, F2, etc.. to the field IDs in your own template.

Download and Import the sample template to the Templates section of the Forms app in your web account:

Duplicate Form with new date in 7 days


Better Formating & Email PDF for Notes Web app

We added some nice features to the Notes Web App:

  • You can now indent or outdent with multiple levels text when editing a note. It also works well with bullet points.
  • You can also a piece of text and format it as a title using the T button icon. Click again on the same button will undo the last action
  • Most common formatting action have keyboard shortcuts  and they are indicated in the tooltip when you leave your mouse over the formatting action icon: Ctrl+B for bold, Ctrl+I for italic, Ctrl+U for Underline, Ctrl+] for indent and Ctrl+[ for outdent
  • You can highlight with yellow background the text selection

There is a new Export action button in the Note view screen, which lets you:

  • share the note via a private link
  • Send or Download the note in PDF format


Duplicate a Task

You can now duplicate a Task from the view task screen, both on your mobile and in your web browser.

The new task is created as a copy of the original task, with the startdate reset to today’s date and due date reset to tomorrow. The owner is set to the current user and the task is re-opened if it was completed.

Calendar Recurring Events

It is now possible to create recurring calendar events. The frequency scheme is configured in the Calendar app in your web account:

Create Recurring Events
To create a recurring event,

  1. Create a New Event in the Calendar web app, fill in an Event name then click on Edit. Fill in the details: start and end date and time, linked items, etc..
  2. Click on the Make Recurring button in the toolbar.
  3. Select a Frequency and specify an end date. Then click Create.

This will create all the event occurrences until the end date and they will appear in the Calendar schedule.

Updating one event occurrence
To update an event occurrence, edit the event in the Calendar app and change its values. This will not affect other occurrences in the same series.

Updating all upcoming event occurrences
If you want to update a field value for all upcoming events, e.g. to change the attendees, time, location, etc..

  1. Edit the first upcoming event in the series, then click Delete Upcoming. This will delete all upcoming events in the same series, except for the current event occurrence.
  2. Change all the values you need to for the current event
  3. Then click on Make Recurring again and reset the new event frequency and end date.