New Upvise 5.1.8 for Android

New features include:

  • Support for NFC : Write and Read any Asset / QHSE Procedure / Time Activity to a compatible Nfc Tag.
  • Redesigned Duration Edit Dialog box to let you pick any number of days, hours and minutes
  • Support for new Quotes and Invoices list view screen with colored title header
  • Automatic tablet layout with left pane on landscape mode for Phablets (Sony Xperia Ultra)
  • Automatic notification for overdue invoice
  • New $ icon for Invoices in the Sales modules

You can download it from Google Play


Reschedule Jobs to another day on your mobile

You may wish to reschedule jobs that are overdue to Today or another date.

Now in the Overdue list on your mobile, you can Reschedule all the items in the list to a selected date. Open the menu when on the list and select “Reschedule”.

Alternatively from the Jobs home screen when you tap on the Calendar icon, you will see all jobs in a Calendar grid. When you click on any day, you get to a screen where you can use the same Reschedule function. This can be used to reschedule Overdue items by individual day rather than all overdue items at once.

Jobs App Enhancements

We added the following new features on the Jobs Web and Mobile app:

  • You can now assign a Job to multiple users.
  • When you pause and restart a job, the total actual job duration is now corrected computed
  • On the Mobile, in the Calendar app, you can now create a new Job from the + popup  button
  • On the Web Interface: the job description is now visible next to the address in the list view and in the calendar view.
  • Redesigned Options screen (in More button > Options):
  • Option to hide the products and services price for standard users on the mobile.
  • Customize the default Job duration
  • Option to allow mobile users to Reject an assigned Job (Reject button will appear below Check-in button on mobile)
  • Simple Job Status (remove the Check-in state on mobile)
  • Options to show/hide default fields in the Checkout screen: note, photo, signature