Readonly rights on Jobs for Standard users

We have added an option in the Jobs app to enforce read-only rights for Standard users.

When the option is checked, Standard users are not allowed to edit, delete or duplicate jobs.

The option is unchecked by default.


Last Contacted Activity Reports

We have added a Reports section in the Contacts app, which displays the list of contacts or companies for which there has been no activity for more than a given period of time. This will be helpful particularly for sales people to know which clients they have to recontact in priority.

Activity comprises tasks, notes and events linked to a contact or company.┬áTo best capture the last contact activity, it’s recommended to use Automatic Call Logging to log a call to a contact as a Note, as well as email Bccing and forwarding to your Upvise Dropbox.

Options available are to list Contacts or Companies for which there has been no activity for more than a year, more than 6, 3 or 1 month(s). You can also filter the list by Group.

The functionality is available both on the web and on the phone, and requires an Enterprise licence.