New Upvise 3.1 for Android

We just released a new version of  Upvise for Android, with a redesigned user interface:

  • The new toolbar at the top takes less valuable screen real estate
  • There is also a new  Upvise logo button on the top left to quickly go back to the home screen from any part of the application
  • No more back button on the toolbar, use the hardware back button
  • A new search input box for filtering the current list appears automatically when they are more than 10 items in a list
  • In the Edit Text screen, there is a new Insert Current Date menu item
  • Auto detection of Network Connectivity : it means fewer network not available error
  • New Zoom Menu Item in the text view screen, to increase / decrease font size for better reading experience
  • We also optimized Upvise for Motorola android phones, with better support for phones with slide out keyboard. As soon as the keyboard is opened, you can start filtering the list.
  • And of course, a lot of minor UI fixes, new icons, and bug corrections

To install the new Upvise 3.1 application for Android, go to the Android Market on your phone and search for Upvise.

Upvise v3.1 for Blackberry now available

The new version 3.1 requires Blackberry OS 4.5 or above. You can upgrade the OS version on your phone from the Blackberry website.

What’s new in this version:

  • Camera support: you can take a picture with the phone camera and attach it to any contact, company or project. The picture is also synced to your Upvise web account.
  • Navigation and user interface is improved to be more Blackberry compliant.
  • Quick edit popup allows faster input of text. You can use the Enter key directly to save edited text, instead of going into the menu.
  • New configurable left key/right key support. By default, use the trackball right and left functions to quickly navigate to next/previous in a list of tasks, news, notes. You can also override this default behaviour: if you set the option in Settings/Display/Trackball Left&Right to “On”, the right key will open the selected item in a list (same as enter or trackball press), and the left key goes Back.
  • Import/Export of contacts to/from native phone book: the performance has been improved dramatically.
  • Bugfixes:
    – Inversion of Last and first name in import/export of contacts, resulting in duplicate entries
    – Duplicate lines at end of notes.