Bookmark a web page URL as a Note in Upvise on Android

With Upvise version 4 for Android, you can create a note containing the URL of a web page you are browsing in the Android Browser.

When you are on the web page in Android Browser, open the menu and select Share, then select Upvise in the Share popup menu. This will automatically create an Upvise note with the URL of the web page.


Import an individual contact from Android Contacts into Upvise

With Upvise version 4 on Android, you can now import into Upvise a selected contact from the Contacts manager on an Android phone.

  1. Open the Android contacts manager, then tap on a contact
  2. select “Send Contact” or “Share Contact” or “Send Name Card via” from the phone menu (depending on your phone)
  3. “Upvise Pro” appears in the popup list along with Gmail or Messaging. Selecting Upvise will import the contact into Upvise Contacts.


Automatically Log Incoming Calls

We have added a functionality in Upvise 4 for Android to allow logging of phone calls that you receive on your phone.

The option can be enabled in the Contacts mobile app in the Manage Phone Calls section.

After you hang up from a phone call, you will be automatically prompted by Upvise to enter a call log. If the phone number does not already exist in Upvise, you can create the associated contact in Upvise. You can also schedule a call back for this contact. Logs and callbacks will appear in the Manage Phone Call module of Upvise.

New Upvise 4 for Android Smartphone & Tablets

The  brand new Upvise client for Android v4.1.2 is available for download on the Android Market.

  • Android 4.0 support  (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 50+ improvements in all Upvise applications
  • Brand new Application Engine, Javascript v8 Engine and SQLite database
  • Faster & more scalable
  • New cleaner icons & UI
  • New Manage Phone Calls module : with auto logging of incoming calls
  • New Share List feature : import any contact from the native Android Contacts app
  • Share Notes, Ideas & News to other Android  apps, including Facebook and Twitter and Gmail
  • Send Attached Quotes in PDF format directly via email
  • Enhanced Calendar application  let you see all your events, tasks, on one screen
  • New Wifi Sync Settings

Notes attached to a Contact/Company assigned to a Standard User

A Standard user can only access data items that are assigned to him, i.e for which the Owner field is set to this user.

When a Standard user is owner of a Contact, he should be able to access all the items (notes, tasks, etc..) linked to this Contact, even if he is not the owner of the items.

As this was not the case, we have posted an update on our server to fix the issue. So now, when a Standard User owns a Contact, Company, Project or Opportunity, he can now see all the attached notes, tasks and other linked items, even if he is not owner of these items.