Bugfix: Back Link after filtering a list of items in web app.

We have fixed a bug in the Back link in the web apps. When you filter a list of items, e.g of Projects by Company, then click on a project to view the detail, clicking on the Back link would take you back to the non-filtered list of projects. We have fixed this bug, and the Back link now goes back to the proper filtered list.


New Upvise v3.5 client for Blackberry : Enhanced Native Address Book sync

We released a new Upvise client for Blackberry, version 3.5

  • When importing & exporting the Upvise Contacts to and from the native Blackberry Address Book, the company name is now preserved.
  • If you associated a native Blackberry contact to a company name, the import to Upvise function will automatically create a new company record and link it to the imported contact.
  • Also when exporting Upvise contacts, the company name is added to the exported native Blackberry contact
  • some bug fixes…

Download it here, directly from your phone browser : http://m.upvise.com