Quick links to Tasks by date group and Completed Tasks view in web account

We have added “quick links” at the top of each view to each of the date groups, i.e Overdue,¬†Today, Tomorrow, etc… This enables to quickly filter the list of tasks down to the group you’re interested in, in particular if you have lots of overdue tasks ūüôā

We have re-organized the Completed Tasks view in the web interface. You can now see the tasks you have accomplished grouped by date, i.e. Today, Yesterday, Last week, etc.. In this view you can also export all completed tasks, or select¬†tasks to be deleted. You can click on the new quick links to display only tasks completed e.g. “Last month” or “Before”, and select only these tasks to be deleted.


New Debts and Credits application

We have posted a new Debts and Credits application to our catalog. This is a simple expense manager with a view of debts or money you owe, and credits or money owed to you. You can use this app to assess the cash flow of your business. Another example of use is to track office versus personal expenses: amounts that you spend for your company are recorded as credits, whereas personal expenses paid by your company and that you will need to reimburse, are recorded as debts.

The expenses can be organized in categories.

Note that this application is Free.