Display only Events in Calendar

We have added an option to display only events in the Calendar. By default, all due dates for tasks, projects, opportunities, work orders, are displayed in the Calendar.

If you goto the Calendar web app and click on the More button, then choose Options, you can check the option to display only Events, both in the web app and on your phone.


New Upvise v3.8 for Android

We just released a new version of Upvise client 3.8 for Android platform.

  • New search UI: there is now a search icon replacing the search box at the top of the list. It saves space and is more consistant
  • UI enhancement with Android 4.0 look & feel
  • Smaller application size and overall performance improvements
  • Bug correction in data syncing when there is no network connection.
To install it, just go to Android Market on your phone and search for Upvise