Updated Shopping List Wiki Application

Based on numerous feedbacks and suggestions from our beta users, we just launched an enhanced version of our popular shopping list app.

Here are the new features:

1) Categories. You can now define categories (such as Fruits, Vegetables,…. ) and assign an item to a category. It allows to group items in a given shopping list by category. This was the top request we received.

2) You can also now move an item from one list to another.

3) Enhanced Item Detail page. On the phone, we simplified and streamlined the “Item Detail” page, to be more consistent with other apps, like Contacts and Notebooks. There is now a “View Item” page and an “Edit Item” page. In the “View Item” page, you see a read only summary of all the information related to one item. You can only change the “To Buy” flag for this item. To edit the item, click on the Edit soft menu button.

4) Quick Navigation between items from an Item View page. Using the left and right joystick button, you can now quickly navigate to the next / previous item in a list.

5) The Unit values for an item have been changed to reflect a more practical usage of the app : it now includes pieces, cans, bottle and packs.

How to install the new Shopping List app:

For existing users :

1) Install should be automatic and transparent the next time you start the shopping List app on your phone or on your web account.

2) If you do not see the new version on your phone go to : Home > Personal Wikis and then press the * key or the Refresh menu item (for Windows Mobile and Blackberry) , then select the Shopping List app.

For new users:

1) Install the Unyverse client application from http://www.unyverse.com/download and follow the instructions. It is available for Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry phones.

2) Create a free Unyverse Account to synchronize your data between your mobile phone and your web account

3) Add the Shopping List wiki app to your Unyverse account from here: http://www.unyverse.com/catalog/details.aspx?id=uny.shoppinglist

I want to thank all of our beta users for their useful feedback on the Shopping List app. I hope you will like this upgraded version. All your comments are welcome!