Custom Views in Contacts web app

A Custom View is a list of items filtered by certain values of the item fields or custom fields.

Examples of custom views:
– List of companies where City is ‘Berlin’
– List of contacts where Job title is ‘Manager’
– List of contacts where ‘Interested’ is Yes with ‘Interested’ defined as a Contact Custom Field of type checkbox.

To create a custom view in the Contacts web app, goto the Options menu / Custom Views tab:

  • Click on + and choose Contact or Company
  • Enter a name for the Custom View
  • Select the Columns that you wish to display in the Custom View.
  • Add one or more Filters. A filter is a search criteria defined by a contact/company field or custom field, an operator (is, is not, contains, lower than, greater than,..) and the search value.

Custom Views are accessible from the main Contacts or Companies list on the web at the top of the screen. Click on the count number of each Custom View  to display the full list of items. The list can be exported as a CSV.