Updates to the Shopping List app

The Shopping List app has been updated with the following changes:

  • Issue with items accidentally removed from the To Buy list:

Previously an item was checked off from the To Buy list by simply selecting the item, which led to many cases where an item was removed by mistake.
Now when an item is selected in the to Buy list, you first go to a View Item screen, where you can check it Off.

  • Better and clearer organization of the main screen of a list:

The “Go Shopping” section groups:
– Items To buy (All items you have to buy)
– Browsing by Category and by Aisle of  items to buy

In the “Manage List” section, you can browse the full database of items in the list by name or by category to organize and check items quickly.

  • One-time vs recurring purchases

There are some items which you only need to buy once. In this case, you don’t want to save the item for future use and populate the list database with items that you never buy. We have added an option to create “one-time” purchase items, which are automatically deleted from the database when you check them off the To Buy list.


Upvise client for iPhone now available

You can now install Upvise as a native client application onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, and benefit from the offline mode functionality for all Upvise applications: Contacts, Notebooks, Projects, Tasks, Sales, etc…

To install Upvise, click on the App Store icon on your iPhone, and search for “upvise”.

The previous Upvise web application is no longer supported.