New Address field in Locations Work Orders

We just added a new feature in the Work Orders  application, you can now set a custom address field in the Locations.

When viewing a location, just click on the address field to view the address with the default Maps application on your phone.


New Upvise client for Blackberry 3.6.1

We just released a new update for the Upvise client on Blackberry, v3.6.1: it adds the following features

  1. Multi word list filtering, separated by white space. It is especially useful when searching notes.
  2. Up/down scrolling in text view is now easier: we removed the option to go to the next/previous note with left/right, so that there is no risk on going to the next note accidentally when scrolling down.. You can always go to Next/Previous note in the menu
Download it from your phone at

Custom Fields for Contacts App

You can now add custom fields to Contacts & Companies records.

1) Go to your Web Account at
2) Click on Settings image button (top right of the screen), Custom Fields item
4) Define the custom fields you want for Contacts and Companies: choose a name (internal id), label, and type.
5) That’s it. You can now go a Contact/Company detail page on the Web or on your mobile phone and view/edit your custom fields

To view / edit the custom fields, you need the latest version of the Upvise client for your phone, v3.6. It is currently available for:

  • Android: go to Android Market on your phone and search for Upvise
  • Blackberry & Symbian/Java : go to on your mobile phone browser
  • iPhone & Windows Phone 7 are coming later this week.

When defining custom fields, you can choose the following type: text, textarea, email, decimal, numeric, phone number,  date or select.
select type allows you to select one of a predefined set of values, displayed in a popup box. The list of values has to be defined in  the options edit box as a pipe separated list of string. (example yes|no|maybe).