Sticky Tasks

If you’re concerned about forgetting tasks that are not completed on the scheduled day and move into the Overdue list, sticky tasks are the answer to your problem.

A sticky task is a task that stays in your Today list once the due date has expired, instead of going into the Overdue section, and until it is completed.

To set a task as sticky, edit the task and check the ‘Sticky Task’ checkbox.
Once their due date is past, sticky tasks appear highlighted in yellow in the Task and Calendar web apps, and with a yellow left border in Task lists on your mobile.

Linked Record in a Form

You can now define a Linked record type in a Form Template. The record can be a Contact, Company, Event, Project, Deal, Task, Asset, Job.

If the linked record type is set in a template, when you create a new Form with this template, you will have the possibility to specify the linked item, selected from the item database in Upvise. The linked forms will appear in the Item View.

Examples of use:

  • Forms related to a Project: specify a linked record type Project.
  • Forms for Human Resources management: specify a linked record type Contact
  • Forms related to Customers: specify a linked record type Company
  • etc..

Note that when you create a Form directly from an item, e.g. a Contact, a Project, this item will be automatically attached as the Linked record to the Form.