Automatic Task creation on Form submission

When a Form is submitted, you can automatically create a new task in Upvise, using values input in the form.

To do this, enter the appropriate Javascript code in the Execute on Submit field in the Form template Properties.


var values = {};
values.duedate = F1; = F2;
values.contactid = F3;
values.owner = User.getName();
values.startdate =;
var id = Query.insert("Tasks.tasks", values);
App.alert("New Task Created!");
return 1;

Download and Import the sample to the Templates section of the Forms app in your web account:

Automatic Task Creation


Updates to Calendar web interface

We have revamped the UI of the Calendar web app. This includes the following changes:

– Week and Month view are now in full screen-width, which improves the display especially on smaller laptop screens. There is no longer a left pane with mini-calendar. The options to filter data types (Tasks, Jobs,..) now appear in the More button Options menu.

– In Month and Week view, you can now click the day header link to open the Day view directly and a mouse click displays a Popup menu with actions to create a new Event/Task/Callback/Job directly for that day.

– New 5 days view mode, to see only weekdays, if you’re not using the Calendar for week-ends.

– The Day view is now displayed in a clearly formatted List, instead of a grid.

– The List view has been renamed to Agenda, with an improved UI.

Keyboard shortcuts for Upvise web apps

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts in all Upvise applications in your web account:

[R] key: Refresh, reloads the data in your web account.
[S] key: Search, focuses on the Search box in toolbar
[E] key: Edit, when on a View item screen.

[Next / Previous arrow] keys: Same as clicking on next / previous arrow buttons in toolbar.
[Back or Delete] key: Same as clicking on the Back arrow button in toolbar.

Note that the shortcuts are active only in the screens where the corresponding action is relevant.

Online Lead Collection using Public Forms

You can use the Forms app to collect leads directly from your web site.

Here’s how to in 3 simple steps:

1. Goto the Forms web app Templates section and Import this Form Template into your account:

Online Lead Collection

2. Open the template and click on the Sharing tab. Then click Enable Public.

Public Form URL: The form can be made public by setting the Enable Public option in the Sharing tab of the Form template. A public URL is made available, where external users can fill in and submit theĀ form. Submitted form values are posted into the Upvise Forms database.

3. Link from your web site to the Public URL.

Note that you can customize the form template with your own fields, titles, etc…

Each time a visitor to your site fills in the Online Lead Collection form and clicks on Submit Form, this will create a new form which appears in your Upvise account, in the Forms app, in the Leads group.

You can Export all collected forms as a CSV file for use in a third-party app.