Quoting for Job Change requests

We have made it easier to handle quotes for Job Change Requests. You can now create multiples Quotes for one Job.

The workflow is as follows:
1. First create a Job from a confirmed Quote. (cf https://www.upvise.com/jobs/help.htm#8)
2. When you receive a request for a job change, open the Job and add a new Quote to the Job.
N.B.: if you have already created a second Quote, you can also link it to the existing Job by editing the Quote and setting the Job field.


Punch items Dashboard for Project Assets

There is a new Dashboard for Punch Items related to Project Assets, in the Projects web app.

To Display the dashboard, click on ‘Punch Items’ in the Activity section of the main Project screen.

Charts include:

  • Punch Count by Asset
  • Punch Count by Status
  • Cumulative Punch Count
  • Punch Count by Assignee, by Location
  • Punch Count Caused By,
  • Punch Count by Project Stage