Shared or private data in a Business account

In your business account, you can now configure each application to either share data amongst all users of the business account, or else restrict access to only the owner of the data. For example in Workspaces, if the setting is Private, a user can only see Posts that he has created. In Business Contacts, or Tasks, or Projects, a user can only see contacts or tasks or projects that have the owner field set to this user.

By default, data is shared for all applications. You can change these settings from the Manage Apps section of your web account. Click on the Sharing tab, and choose for each app whether the data is Shared or Private.

Note that users who are administrators can always see everyone’s data, even when the setting is Private. In the web account, Private data is marked by a red label at the top right of the toolbar, when viewing or editing an item.


Business Contacts, Projects and Tasks file attachments

In the Business Contacts application in your web account, you can now upload files of any type as attachments to a contact. Goto the Edit Contact page and upload a file from the Attachment section at the bottom of the page.

In Projects and Tasks, you can upload files of any type as attachments to a project or a task, from the Edit Project or Task page.

Task Reminders and Notifications

We have enhanced the Tasks app for all Upvise Business accounts with reminders and notifications.

Reminder of due date

The owner of a task receives a reminder by email on the due date for the task. The reminder is sent at 00:00 on the due date. Remember to set your timezone in the Settings of your web account.

Owner assignment notification

When you assign a task to someone in your company, this  person automatically receives a notification by email.

These two functionalities have been activated by default for all users, so you should now be receiving emails for your task reminders and assignments. Administrators can change the default settings in the Manage Apps section of your web account under the Notifications tab. Note that the setting applies to all users of the company account, and not for an individual user.

We currently support only notifications by email, and not by SMS. To use Upvise you need a data connection and therefore your phone can support reading emails. On the latest smartphones whether iPhone, Google Android or Blackberry, you are also alerted by a beep or vibration when you receive an email, which means that receving an SMS is really the same user experience as receiving an email. Thus SMS notifications are not absolutely necessary.