Pretty good response

After one week of operation, Unyverse WORKS! We are not in orbit yet, but we definitely left Earth and we did not explode on the launch pad!

We got our first 1,000 downloads of Unyverse in 24 hours and even received a first employment request!

 The most downloaded app is Wikipedia, followed by the Contacts wiki, and then the News reader. We now have to promote the Notebooks and other wikis like the Quote of Day and Shopping list a bit more. Java/J2ME is by far the most downloaded version. The figures are consistent with the number of Java versus Windows Mobile devices out there, but it’s good to validate that people are downloading software onto regular “feature” phones and not just smartphones.

An important functionality that we are aware is missing for the Contacts wiki is an Import CSV tool to re-import existing contacts from another software. There’s also been demand for a Blackberry and Treo version. We are working on all this actively so stay tuned.


We launched the site today!

Unyverse is now live at After weeks of sleepless nights, working hard to finalize the web pages and fixing last minute bugs on the mobile client software, it’s finally online! And we’re all very excited and eager to know how people are going to use the service.