Project Files: Updates & Push Notifications

It is now easier to update project files and plans and notify users that a new version is available.

On the Web interface:

  1. open the Projects App
  2. click on a project, then on Files card
  3. right click a file and select Update
  4. Select the file to update on your computer
  5. Done

All project owners will receive an instant push notification that a project file has been updated or a new file uploaded.

On mobile, then you tap on the notification, the updated file or plan will be downloaded automatically.

You can check the file version in Edit file screen.


Jobs App update: Equipment Allocation

You can now allocate an Equipment, like a truck or vehicle,  against a job and schedule  the allocation using drag and drop in the calendar view on the web.

We also added a new status for job using equipment: On the road.  Managers can now see the users currently going to work on a map.

We also capture the start time of the journey, so managers can use this information for invoicing the duration of the job if needed.

On mobile,  if the equipment has not been pre-allocated, users can pick one in the list or scan the vehicle Qr-code for even faster operation.


  • Make sure you have the Equipment app installed
  • In the Equipment app, create a new group, and add some equipment to it. Make sure the description and serial number are set
  • In the Jobs web app, go to Options, in the Equipment tab, select the group you just created. This group will be used to allocated vehicles against jobs.

Allocate Jobs against equipment in Calendar view

  • go to the Jobs web app
  • In the Calendar screen from left pane, click on Day or Week tab
  • then click on the Vehicle icon in the toolbar to view Jobs allocated against the equipment
  • You can drag and drop or right click jobs to allocate them

Use the new On the Road status

  • open the Jobs app on your phone
  • Find a job allocated to you for today.
  • Tap “Start Journey”. If the job has not equipment allocated, select one.
  • Once you arrive at destination, tap Check In, then Complete
  •  On web or mobile, click on the Info icon / History section of a completed job to see the Start Journey  time


Email templates

You can now create simple email templates to be used when sending an email to a Contact or Company from Upvise.

To create an email template: goto the Contacts web app Options menu / Email Templates tab. Click on New Template and enter:

  • a Name to reference the template
  • a default Subject for the email: this can be left blank
  • in the Message area the text of the email. You can insert pre-defined tags that will be replaced for each Contact or Company: Contact name, Company name and your Name.

To use an email template:

When you tap on a Contact or Company email, on your mobile or in your web account, a popup will display with the option to choose a Blank Email or one of the email templates you have created.


Redesigned Upvise Projects Web App

We are pleased to announce we just released  a redesign of the Upvise Projects Web app. The new version will keep all existing features but with a brand new View Project screen.
The logical organization of the different records share a lot with the Projects mobile app.

The View Project screen, with just 5 tabs.

1. For the Project tab, we introduced a new design with “cards”, regrouped in 4 sections:

  • Files : contains Files, Photos and Plans
  • Activity : contains Tasks, Notes, Events and Jobs
  • Forms: contains all the form templates for the projects
  • Site Control: Equipment and Consumables (Products)

Cards have a left border color : blue if some records are not completed, yellow if overdue and gray by default. This is used for the Tasks, Jobs and Event cards.


2. The Info tab contains all the project properties, including project owners and contacts

3. The Schedule tab contains Start, End Date and Milestones


4. The Time tab contains the dasbhoard comparing Planned and actual logged time

5. Finance tab : contains the project budget, margin, cost and all Quotes, Invoices, PO and Expenses





Project Tasks assigned in sequence

In a Project, you can automate the creation of tasks using templates. This is useful when the set of tasks to be performed in each new project is always the same.

In a project template by default, tasks are specified with a due date that is calculated from the Project Creation Date. Example: Due date = 4 days after project creation date.

You  also have the option to create tasks that do not have a specific due date at project creation, but the task becomes due automatically on completion of the previous task in the template list.

To activate this functionality, goto the Projects web app Options menu, Templates tab, open or create a new template, and check the setting: “Assign Tasks automatically in sequence”.
On completion of each task in the project template, the Assignee of the next task in order of Rank will be automatically notified and the Due Date for this next task will be set to Today.

New Upvise for iOS : Instant Push Notification& Barcode scan

We are pleased to announce we just released a new version of Upvise for iOs version 5.7.23. You can download it via the Apple App Store.

The major features include:

  • in-app Push Notification
  • bar-code & QR Code scanning

Push notifications are sent when a job is assigned to someone or completed, when a form is submitted, when a note is modified or a task create or completed.

You can use the bar-code scan in the Equipment, Maintenance or Assets app to lookup a record by just scanning its bar code or QR Code.




Daily Prestart Safety Forms in Jobs app

We just released a new feature in the Jobs mobile app : the option to force the user on field to fill-in and submit a daily pre-start safety form before starting his work.

Initial Setup

  • on the Forms web app, create a new Form Template
  • adds any field you want, we recommend using Question fields (Yes / No / NA). Make sure the check the option : Mandatory field for each fields you want  the technicians to answer.
  • on the Jobs web app, click on Options on the left page and then on the Safety tab
  • choose the form template you just created in the pre-start form field

On the mobile,

  • login to Upvise ans start the Uvpise  Jobs app
  • If the user has jobs assigned to him for today, we will see a screen asking him to fill-in and submit the safety form you just defined. This screen will appear at the start the Job app on mobile once per day provided that the user has jobs for this day.
  • He must fill-in and submit by tapping at the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to access the Jobs application and start working on his jobs.


On the Job Web Dashboard screen,

  • There is a new Safety tab, you will find a new dashboard showing key statistics about the safety forms.
  • It displays the total number of submitted safety forms for today and the last 30 days
  • We also display the number of safety form who have FAILED.
  • A form is flagged as failed if there is one or more question with a response NO.