new Upvise v4.7.7 for Android

We just released a new version of Upvise Pro CRM v4.7.7 in Google Play. Key feature include

  • New Download Manager with Offline Cache support for Files app.  It is now much fatser and efficient to download Upvise Attached files
  • Open directly downloaded files from Upvise.  Instead of starting the Web Browser to view files
  • Support of Dropbox . Link some files from Dropbox using your web account and open the files directly from your Android phone
  • PDF Download & Send By Email for Forms app, with Image and Signature support
  • Option to Start a new Form when completing a Task.  To enable it, edit a Task and select a Form Template to start at task completion
  • Search hardware key starts Upvise Global Search
  • Option to Share my Current Location within my company (disabled by default) in Settings



Dropbox integration for attached Files

You can now attach files that are stored in your Dropbox account.

In your web account, when you attach a file to a data item e.g. a Contact, Task, Project, etc.., you now have the option to select a file from Dropbox, Google Drive or your local disk drive (stored in Upvise).

The file is accessible on your mobile device in Dropbox, Google Drive or by direct download in the web browser.

Notes & Call Log Enhancements

  • 1. When adding a new “Call Log” or “Callback” for a Contact/company, there is an option to link to an existing Opportunity or Project
  • 2. The view and edit call log screens are now the same as the standard notes (with the nice Activity tab). Which means it is easy to view and modify the call log link to existing an Opportunity or Project.
  • 3. There is now a  new “Log Call” item in the new Activity popup list in the view Contact/Company screen
  • 4. When displaying notes linked to a Contact / Company, there is a blue tag below the note title, which indicates  the type of note: phone call, meeting, email or folder name
  • 5. There is a new “Emails” folder on the Notes start page to show all your notes sent by your Upvise email dropbox address
  • 6. New Call Log button in the Notes > Call Log screen

Map View in Contacts web app

With the new Map View section in the Contacts web app, you can see all your contacts positioned on a Google Map. The position is based on the Coordinates field in the Address section of a Contact.

Note that you can fill in the coordinates for your contacts’ addresses on your Android device in the Edit Address section of each Contact, or with the batch Geocoding functionality included with an Upvise Enterprise license.

Call Log Enhancements

We updated the Call Log feature on Android.

  • When you enable Auto Log Calls on in the Upvise Settings on Android, Upvise gives you the option to log any outgoing or incoming calls once your completed the call. It finds the contact or company based on the phone number dialed or received.
  • You can now have the option to directly create a Task, Project or Opportunity from this screen.
  • If you create an Opportunity or a Project and you also logged the call by entering some notes, it will link the call log note to the newly created Opportunity or Project, saving you a few precious taps.