Redesigned Filter By Owner in Sales mobile app

We just redesigned the Filter By Owner feature on tablets and phones.

  • Now Administrators and Managers have a new function By Owner, (on the left pane for Tablet and on the home screen on phones) which gives a global owner filter for Leads, quotes and Opportunities.
  • It means that you can then use the all other  filtering options found in More Views popup button.


Read Only Access Rights for Standard Users

We just added some new User Management Rights features:

  • Administrator & Managers can now set Read-Only access rights to a folder for any Standard User in the Notebooks & Files app
  • Standard Users will see all records in the folder but will not be able to edit or delete the record.
  • It applies both for the Android / Windows Phone and Web based interface.  iPhone version will come next week.

To manage Read Only Access right for Standard Users :

  • Go to the Notes  or  Files web application
  • Click on More Button > Edit folders,
  • Add the Users you want to the Viewers field and click Save

Sharing of Contacts/ Companies & Ideas :

By default, Contacts, Companies & Ideas are only visible to the owner(s) or the record. You can override this behavior and allow to share data items with read0nly rights to Standard Users:

  • Go to the Contacts or Ideas web application
  • Click on More popup button > Options
  • Check : Data shared by all users then Save

Here is a short recap on User Rights management in Upvise.

Standard Users

  • have access to the applications and data items assigned to them by Administrators
  • have rights to create new records
  • have rights to edit / delete the records they own
  • have read only view of records they don’t own but it shared to them by Managers

Manager Users

  • Full access right to all records (View, New, Edit, Delete)
  • Can Import / Export records as CSV


  • Have all Manager rights plus:
  • Create new User, change User Types
  • Define which application users can use
  • Access to Activity Log, Backup / Restore / Notifications / Purchase Licenses from the Settings menu