List of Products a Sales Lead is interested in

You can now specify for a Lead in the Sales application, a list of products that the lead is interested in. The products are defined in the Sales application Products database.


Multiple-owner Tasks

Tasks can now have more than one assigned owner.  This is useful when several persons are due to work on the same task. Also, if you set the Tasks Shared setting to Private, a user can only see the tasks for which he is listed as an owner.

Take a Picture Note

In the Notebooks app, you can now take a picture note, i.e. with your phone’s built-in camera take a picture and attach it to a note. When you press New from the home screen of the Notebooks application, you have the choice between creating a New Note or New Picture Note. New Picture Note opens the camera view, and you can capture a photo. After you have confirmed the picture, you can enter some text attached to the picture note.

This can have many usages. For example when you are in a shop and see an item you want to buy later, you can take a picture of the item and its price label, then review it later on your desktop. Or when you are traveling, you can take pictures of places of interest you visit, and add a quick note. When searching for a home, take pictures of the houses or appartments you visit. There are many such cases where it is easier to take  a picture, then to write down a note.