Google Calendar and other iCal URLs need to be updated

If you are using the Upvise Calendar iCal URLs in other calendar applications like Google Calendar, you will need to update the URL due to a recent change in configuration.

In Google Calendar, goto Other Calendars / Settings, and Unsubscribe the Upvise calendar. Goto Other Calendars again and Add by URL the new Ical URL that you will find in your Upvise Calendar web app iCal Export menu.


Invoices Enhancements: easily track overdue & not sent invoices

We added 2 new statuses for Invoices:

Sent To Client

  • a flag indicating if an invoice has been sent to the client or not.
  • When an PDF invoice is sent by email from the mobile app or web app, the flag Sent to Client is automatically set.
  • If you download, print and send manually the invoice, you can edit the invoice and set this flag.

Due Date

  • By default, the due date is set to 1 month after the invoice creation date.
  • You can change this default settings on the web in More button > Options > Invoice tab.
  • You can also edit the Overdue date in any invoice.

When browsing the list of Invoices, we now display the number of No Sent and Overdue invoices.

  • On the web, simply click on Invoices from the left pane
  • On the mobile app, tap on Invoices item, tap the Filter icon on the toolbar, then Status item



Upvise Server Maintenance

Dear Upvise Customers & Partners,

We will perform a server migration to increase our capacity and performance on our public cloud on Tuesday, October 8th 2013, at 3:00AM GMT.

The migration should take 1 to 2 hours, mostly due to the time DNS configuration changes are duplicated worldwide.

During this time, the Upvise mobile client apps won’t be able to access and sync with the cloud.
Because the mobile native app is designed to work offline, it will continue to work fine.
Synchronization will resume automatically when the migration is complete.

The Web interface will still be accessible using a special temporary URL once we start the migration at

The Upvise Team

Upvise Web Services C# Client Library

Upvise Client Library is a client C# Library which encapsulates web services calls to your Upvise data account. You can use it to retrieve, update, create and delete Contact records.

It enables you e.g. to integrate Upvise with your existing ERP by providing an interface to import/export contacts to and from the Upvise Contacts database.

Automatically record emails you receive in Upvise

You can automatically store emails you receive from your clients as notes in Upvise, by using forwarding options in your email application.

Here is the procedure for the Gmail users:

Go to the Forwarding settings in Gmail and add your Upvise personal Dropbox email as a forwarding address. Note that Gmail sends a verification code by email to your Upvise dropbox email. You can access the recorded copy of this email in your Upvise notes, in order to retrieve the code.

Add filters eventually in Gmail to forward only some of your mail, and you’re done!