Forms: How to display Address, Phone, Email of Contact or Company field

You can use the Formula field to display data related to a contact or company field (e.g. address, phone, email) in your Form.

Example: you have defined a Form Template with the field F1 of type contact and F2 of type company

Create a New field of type Formula in the Template, and enter the following in the Default Value textbox:

  • To display the address:

var contact=Query.selectId("Contacts.contacts", F1);
if (contact!=null) Format.address(contact.street,, contact.state, contact.zipcode,
else "";


var company=Query.selectId("Contacts.companies", F2);
if (company!=null) Format.address(company.street,, company.state, company.zipcode,
else "";

  • To display the phone:

var company=Query.selectId("Contacts.companies", F2);
if (company!=null);
else "";

  • To display the email:

var company=Query.selectId("Contacts.companies", F2);
if (company!=null);
else "";


Upvise for Real Estate agents

Real estate agents can use a combination of Upvise modules to manage their business:
  • Contacts: To Manage clients. Buyers and Sellers can be classified in separate groups. Phone call management function automatically logs calls to clients
  • Assets: To manage Properties: including location on a map. You can attach pictures of property – taken on site.
  • or
  • Forms can be created for each Property and you can define templates with custom fields to capture data off or on site about a Property.
  • Calendar: To schedule meetings with clients, visits to properties with Buyers.
  • Tasks: manage all the things you need to do related to your business, including callbacks to buyers.
  • Notebooks: To store call logs and notes about property visits, i.e. when you can create a Meeting note from an event in the Calendar.
All the data captured for a client is conveniently grouped under the contact entry, and gives you access to a complete history of the activity related to each client (assets, visits, notes, tasks,…).
If several agents are working together in a group, data can easily be shared amongst co-workers.

Purchase Orders in Sales app

You can now create Purchase Orders for your suppliers in the Sales app, both from your web account and your mobile.
Purchase Orders can be downloaded as a PDF file and sent by email.

You can also create a Purchase Order from a Quote or Invoice. Click on the More button in your web account or open the menu on your mobile when viewing a quote or invoice.
This duplicates the data from the quote or invoice and replaces the Product Price by the Purchase price.