New Upvise 4.4 for Android

We just released a new version of Upvise for Android, version 4.4, available from Google Play:

  • new Side View for fast application switching, replacing the previous home screen, similar to the one found in Google+ or Facebook.
  • Support of Bar-code scanning in Forms app.
  • Enhanced icons and font size for very High Density screen (Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus, HTC One) and for Tablets running ICS.

More on Barcode scanning support:

  • Go to your Web Account, in the Forms app.
  • Add a new Field of type “Barcode” in an existing Form Template or create a new template.
  • On your Android phone, create a new form based on the template
  • When you tap on the barcode field, it will launch the ZXing Barcode scanning app. If not present on your phone, it prompts you to install it from Google Play.
  • The Barcode scan works only on Android so far,  we are working on a iPhone version for the end of the year.



New Upvise App for Android v4.3.3 & Mobile App Enhancements

We just released a new version of Upvise Pro for Android v4.3.3 on Google Play.

Tasks App:

  • when displaying tasks, the tasklist name is displayed below the task name with a light blue tag
  • When a task is marked complete, the next task in the list is automatically displayed, saving you one click to go to next task

Calendar App:

  • Displays the time of the task or callback if set in the agenda list.
  • Redesigned View Callback screen now displays a “Call Now” section with contact phone number and email for one click callback

Contacts App:

  • new option to enter a time in the New Phone Callback screen
  • new Search By Address feature in More Views menu, with auto populated choices for City, State or Country.

Expenses App

  • redesigned View & Edit Expenses screen
  • you can now link an expense to a Project and also view expenses in the Project App.


  • The selected Tab in view Company or View Contact screen is now highlighted with a top blue border.