Support of High Resolution Windows Mobile phones

We just released an updated version of Upvise client for Windows Mobile. It now fully supported the high resolution VGA screen running Windows Mobile 6.1, such as the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia  and the HTC Touch Pro.

It gives very nice smooth fonts and auto detection of screen orientation as well

We also added enhanced supports of touch screen, you can now use your finders to navigates within Upvise just like the iPhone!

To install it, just type in in your mobile web browser and click Download



Upvise 2.0 Release – End of Beta

Our beta period is now over. We launched Upvise just one year ago, and have been working hard to fix bugs and glitches and to enhance our applications by adding important features and improving the user experience. We would like to thank you for your numerous suggestions and ever so relevant feedback during this past year. We have done our best to address a lot of your requests, and will be continuing to do so in the future. Our goal is to build the best mobile application platform for small businesses and individuals, and we want to do so by following the guidelines that you provide in your feedback, as you know best what are the features you need. We want to make Upvise yours.

Upvise comes in two versions: the Personal and the Business editions. Upvise Personal includes the following mobile applications: Wikipedia, Contacts, Notebooks, Shopping Lists, RSS News, Quote of the Day, to bring you one-stop access to all your information on the go. Upvise makes it easy to sync information between your mobile phone and your web account. Upvise Personal is a free service and will remain free.

Upvise Business is a multi-user account which enables you to share company information and collaborate with your co-workers anywhere, on your mobile and through your web account. Upvise apps include the Business Contact Manager, Projects, Workspaces, Ideas, with Calendar and Tasks coming soon. Upvise ensures end-to-end security and encryption of your business data from your mobile to our servers, together with the use of https for your web account. Other security settings include the option to encrypt the data that is stored on your mobile, as well as lock the access on your device with a passcode. Business accounts also offer the possibility to backup the complete data in your account, with configurable automatic backups, and to restore previous backups. And finally, as we want you to feel comfortable about using Upvise as your information repository, you can import and export your data from all applications in CSV format. So you can rest assured that the data is yours and will always be.

Version 2.0 of the Upvise mobile client is available for Java J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, the Google Android G1 phone, with iPhone coming soon. The new features include mobile security settings, export contacts to the phone address book, and send an SMS text message to a contact. Download from

As we are now in release version, Upvise Business accounts will no longer be free. If you signed up for a business account during the beta period, you will have to purchase a license by November 30, 2008 to enjoy uninterrupted use of Upvise services. New business accounts come with a free 30-day trial. The license is US$49 only per user and per year, and can be renewed by an administrator in the Users section of your web account at

That’s all for now. We are excited about the developments and many challenges ahead, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Updated Upvise client for Google Android

We just published some bug fixes for the Upvise client for Google Android / G1 T-mobile phone. Thanks a lot to all Upvise Android users who tested and gave us very usefull feedback on our first build for Android.
To donwload the latest version, go to the Google Android Market on the phone and search for Upvise. Then click on the Download button.
Bug fixes:
  • when the keybaord slides open, and the phone goes into landscape mode, Upvise does not go to the home screen anymore. it stays on the current screen. This was a critical bug specially when you wanted to edit items.
  • the scrolling behavior for lists and text is now the same as the standard Android applications. It now grabs the text.
  • the next / previous item feature using the trackpad now works fine.
  • Error popup messages are noew displayed correctly.

  • the Edit box has been improved and allow for long text entries to be scrolled and edited correctly. 
  • Also numeric and phone number entry constraints are now supported. 
  • The edit box has a better look & feel with better positionning of the edit box widget and support of the enter key to save the changes.  
  • The password is now hidden when is it entered and displayed.