Use Mobile Voip apps to call Contacts from Upvise

On your Android, you can replace the default Dialer when calling a number from Upvise with any other available apps installed: MobileVOIP, VoipConnect etc..

If you wish to adjust this preference, go to your Android Device’s Settings Application manager. Select the “All” tab.

Find “Dialer” or “Phone,” depending on the device. In this app’s screen, there will be a “Launch by Default” setting – clear this to reset the prompt. When you next dial from Upvise, you should be prompted to choose your preferred phone dialer from the available apps installed.


Online Batch geocoding of Contacts and Companies

We have introduced an online batch geocoding function in the Contacts web app.

The Position field, i.e. geo coordinates, for each Contact or Company is used in functions like Nearby Contacts or Map View. Whenever you type in an address, the geo-coordinates are computed on the fly and the Position field is automatically updated. However contacts are not geocoded during an Import. You can use the batch geocoding function in this case.

Goto the Map tab in the Contact or Company list. Two new tabs give the list of items that have No address or No Geocode information. Click on the Batch geocode button to start the geocoding. Only items which have a valid address, i.e at least a City, can be geocoded.

N.B.: a maximum limit of 2000 items (contacts or companies) can be geocoded per day. If you have more than this number of items, you will need to repeat the geocoding operation over several days.

Upvise Web Apps Performance Upgrade

We are pleased to announce you that we deployed a significant web framework update.

1. Support of All Web browsers for big database size (> 5MB)
Up to now, we strongly recommended to use Google Chrome for such customers. We now fully support the latest versions
of Safari , Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 & Microsoft Edge (Microsoft’s new default browser on Windows 10)

2. Instant web app start and app switching.
It means that opening the browser the second time (after sign-in) or switching back and forth between web apps is instantaneous.

3. OFFLINE Support of web apps (once loaded).
We handle the case of internet connection loss, just like the native mobile apps.
You can modify, change, create new records while being offline. When internet connection is restored, the data will be sent to the cloud server.

4. Official Support of Upvise Web Apps on Safari on iPad and Chrome on Android.
The Upvise web app should also works much faster on iPad using Safari or Chrome as well.
(We still recommend to use the native mobile apps on tablet)

5. Enhanced Database debugging when developing web apps.
Using the Developers Tools > Resources > Indexed DB view in Google Chrome, developers can browser the entire
table set and records of the local synced database and access application version information.

New Upvise App for iOs version 5.6

We are pleased to announce you that the Upvise version 5.6 is now available for iOs from the AppStore

Key feature include:

1. Support of iOs 9
2. New Equipment App
3. Images are now scrollable and zoomable in the builtin image viewer
4. Performance improvements
5. Lot of bug fixes (including Siri diction bug fix for notes and date snoozing)

on iPad:
6. New full screen mode in edit screen in iPad (left pane is dynamically hidden).
7. Slightly bigger font in iPad for better usability
8. Better popup display layout in edit screen