New Map Features for Contacts app

We  added the following new features to the Contacts app on mobile:

  • View all Contacts on a Map : in the Contacts app, tap on Contacts, then Map view in the menu
  • View all Companies on a Map : in the Contacts app, tap on Companies, then Map view in the menu
  •  When you view a contact or companies nearby records on the map, the current record has a gray marker, and nearby contacts are in red, nearby companies in blue.

New Upvise Pro for Android v5.0

New in 5.0:

  • New swipe to reveal gesture in Contacts, Notes and Tasks for context menu
  •  New Individual Tasks, Events, Jobs Android notifications
  •  New Calendar Month view design
  •  New “Upvise Buttons” widget to quickly search, go to Today or add new Activity
  • Improved Left side view : search, settings and new button on the first row
  • New global Button in left pane to create any activity
  •  Simplified Settings screen
  •  More vibrant colors
  •  Bug fixes related to SMS and multi-line display


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