New Upvise app for iOs

We just released a new version of Upvise version 4.6.4 for iPhone & iPad on the App Store:

  • Updated UI with cleaner look & icons
  • Updated Forms Application with new field types and improved performance
  • Nearest Comtacts with Map View in Contacts app
  • Bug fixes

new Upvise Client v 4.6.5 for Android

We just released a new version of Upvise for Android version 4.6.5 on Google Play with the following features:

  • Choose Existing Picture: when you tap on Take Picture in Upvise, there is now a popup list with to option to Take a Picture with the Camera or Choose Existing picture. If you select the last option, you can select a photo from the native Gallery application or also Dropbox if it is installed (or any other installed application which support the Image picker feature)
  • Support of Enhanced Custom fields, such as multi value combo box or location
  • When Editing an Address, if you tap Coordinates field, you have the option to manually edit the latitude & longitude
  • Section headers in lists are now smaller on tablet : it allows to display more list items on the screen (useful for the Calendar List View)
  • Minor bug fixes related to number lookup during auto log and Task widget display

Send emails to multiple recipients from your phone

There is a new option to send emails to multiple recipients from the Upvise app in the Contacts module:

  • Go to Contacts module in Upvise on your phone/tablet
  • Tap on More Views > Mass Mailing
  • Check the Contacts and Companies you want
  • Tap Send Email

It will start the compose screen of your default email client app with the recipients you selected.

New Upvise App for Android v4.6.4

We just released a new version of Upvise for Android version 4.6.4 on Google Play. It contains the following new features:

  • Enhanced Task Widget :now displays the priority, time,  task list and if the task is recurrent
  • Updated Task List view : add small recurring icon is displayed left to the task list to indicate a recurring task
  • New Range filter in Nearby Contacts screen : a new Range menu item allows to select the range for nearby contacts : 5,10, 25,50 or 100 km (or miles)
  • The Day of the Week is now displayed in the header in the Calendar List view
  • New Settings to enable “Bcc my Upvise Dropbox Email” when sending email from Upvise on your phone.
  • Bug fixes