Calendar web app 5-day week view

We have added an option to view only weekdays in the Calendar week view. Check “5-day Week” in the Options menu to enable this option.


Create Job Tasks from a confirmed Quote

When you create a Job from a confirmed Quote, you have the option to automatically create Tasks linked to the Job, using the product or service items listed in the Quote.

The tasks are created using the name and description of each product/service.

To enable this option, check “Create Job tasks from Quote items” in the Jobs web app Options menu.

Timesheets Planned Schedule enhancement

We have enhanced the Planned Schedule in the Timesheets app on a mobile. It is now possible to navigate to the next and previous week periods. You can also display a monthly Calendar to navigate to any selected date.

N.B.: to display the Planned Schedule, make sure you have the option checked in the Timesheets web app Options menu / Display tab.

Custom Job Status & colors

You can now  create custom statuses for your jobs.

Step 1: Define custom status using groups

  1. Go to the Jobs Web App
  2. Tap on Options in the left pane, then the Groups tab
  3. Click on the + icon to create a new group and set a custom name and color
  4. use the rank field to order your groups

If you want to see the job group color in the Calendar view, instead of the default job status color, check: “Use group color on Calendar

Step 2 : Assign a job to a group

  • in any list view, for example in the Open jobs view, right click any job and tap on Change Group context menu
  • You can also now right click the job on the Calendar view
  • You can also edit a job and change its group

Step 3: Browse Jobs by group

The new Groups view from the left pane on the web gives you the list of jobs for each group

Step 4: View Job group change history

  • open a job on the web or mobile
  • In the Notes tab, there is an history of all job group changes, date and staff who performed the change



Forms Web App: Calendar, Photos & Maps

We have simplified and rationalized the Forms web app, making it easier to browse all your forms:

The new All forms view now has 4 tabs: All, Day, Week, Month:

  • the All tab gives you a paginated list of all forms, ordered by most recent
  • the Day tab, gives you the list of all forms for Today, but regrouped by form template, making it easier to see the different kinds of forms & work performed by your team on this day.
  • the Week & Month tab displays the calendar view, making it super easy to find a particular day and see on which days forms have been created

In the same screen, on the blue toolbar, there are Map and Photo icons, which allow you to switch view for the same period:

  • the Map icon shows the location of all forms for the period
  • the Photos icon displays a thumbnail grid of all photos for the period.

You can also export the selected  view to an Excel file

Finally in the  Form Dashboard, the weekly date chart is now clickable and will go to the new form list view for the corresponding period. And Drafts and Rejected are now accessible from the Dashboard.