Create Multiple Purchases Orders at once for a project

You can now automate the creation of mutiple Purchase Orders to be added to a given Upvise Project easily. Just follow the steps below:

  1. In the Sales app, create a new Purchase Order
  2.  Set the PO number to “PO_TEMPLATE_1”. Specify the client, add all product items (quantity and price) you want to the PO.
  3. Repeat step 1 as many times as needed, just change the PO number to “PO_TEMPLATE_2”, “PO_TEMPLATE_3”, …
  4. In the Projects Web app, go to Options in the left pane, tap Custom Fields tab and tap the + icon > Project to create a new project custom field
  5. Set the Label field to “Create POs” and the type to “Button
  6. On the “On Tap Script” field, enter the following javascript code

ProjectUtils.addPo(, “PO_TEMPLATE_1”);
ProjectUtils.addPo(, “PO_TEMPLATE_2”);
ProjectUtils.addPo(, “PO_TEMPLATE_3”);
App.alert(“Added 3 Purchase Orders to project!”);

That’s it. To test it :

  1. go to the Project web app ,
  2. choose one project
  3. go to the Info tab
  4. tap the “Create POs” button.
  5. It will add all 3 templates Purchase Orders to your project at once!