Duplicate a Contact or Company

You can now duplicate a Contact or a Company, both on your mobile and on the web interface.

This is useful if you need to create one or more new entries where the information fields are very similar to an existing entry.

On your phone, goto the Contact or Company view screen, open the menu and select Duplicate. You will be prompted to enter a name for the new duplicate entry.

In the web interface, goto the Contact or Company view screen, click on the More button and select the Duplicate menu. A new duplicate entry is created, which you will be able to edit in the next screen.


Upvise Forms Enhancements: View Screen & Next Previous Button & Duplicate

We just released a new version of the Forms app for Android:

  • we added a View Form screen from the list view, with next previous buttons to quickly browse all forms in the list
  • The Export PDF item in now in the menu
  • There is a new Duplicate function in the menu to duplicate the current form.

Upvise Forms Update: Auto Location with Reverse Geo-coding & Customizable PDF Header

We just published 2 new features for the Upvise Forms app on mobile and web:

  • Auto Location with Reverse Geo-coding: each form created on a mobile now contains the current position and address
  • The Form PDF Export now uss the same Comparess info and Logo as the Sales PDF Export app. To set a custom logo, go to the Sales app, More button, Customize PDF Export item


Improved Duplicates Tool in Contacts web app

We have enhanced the Duplicate contact and companies management tool.

You can now search for contacts with duplicate emails or mobile numbers, and companies with duplicate emails and phone numbers.

You can also manually select any two contacts or companies and Merge them into one item:  a new “Merge Two Items” menu appears under the More button menu on any contact or company list screem.

Note that when merging two items, any conflicted data from the second item will be copied into the Note field of the first item.