Punch items in Floor plans

You can now add a Add Punch Item in a Floor Plan

Open the Floor Plan on your mobile, tap + and select Punch Item. Position the item then tap to edit the Punch details.

The Punch item appears on the Floor plan as an orange colored icon.


Invoice/Quote Address field

Up to now, the client address displayed a PDF invoice or quote was the address of the linked Company or Contact.

You can now specify an address specific to an invoice/quote which overrides the company or contact address.

When the Address field of an invoice/quote is filled in, this is the Address that will be displayed in the PDF file download.

Sales Form templates

You can now embed Form templates that are sales-related, directly in the Sales app.

Select the form templates to embed in the Sales Options menu / Display tab / Sales form templates section.

A link to the forms for each of the selected templates will appear in the left pane menu in the Sales web app and on the main screen of the Sales mobile app. In addition, a link to the Inbox for these form templates will be displayed.

NB: The Inbox is the list of Forms that have a pending workflow Action.
See: https://www.upvise.com/forms/help/workflow/inbox.htm