Create Multiple Purchases Orders at once for a project

You can now automate the creation of mutiple Purchase Orders to be added to a given Upvise Project easily. Just follow the steps below:

  1. In the Sales app, create a new Purchase Order
  2.  Set the PO number to “PO_TEMPLATE_1”. Specify the client, add all product items (quantity and price) you want to the PO.
  3. Repeat step 1 as many times as needed, just change the PO number to “PO_TEMPLATE_2”, “PO_TEMPLATE_3”, …
  4. In the Projects Web app, go to Options in the left pane, tap Custom Fields tab and tap the + icon > Project to create a new project custom field
  5. Set the Label field to “Create POs” and the type to “Button
  6. On the “On Tap Script” field, enter the following javascript code

ProjectUtils.addPo(, “PO_TEMPLATE_1”);
ProjectUtils.addPo(, “PO_TEMPLATE_2”);
ProjectUtils.addPo(, “PO_TEMPLATE_3”);
App.alert(“Added 3 Purchase Orders to project!”);

That’s it. To test it :

  1. go to the Project web app ,
  2. choose one project
  3. go to the Info tab
  4. tap the “Create POs” button.
  5. It will add all 3 templates Purchase Orders to your project at once!




Quick actions on Quotes in Sales web app

We have added the following action menus in the Sales web app:

  • Mark a Quote as Confirmed, in the list of Open Quotes
  • Create an Invoice from a Quote, in the list of Confirmed Quotes.

Click on the three-dots at the beginning of a Quote in the list to open the menu, and select the actions: “Mark as Confirmed” or “Create Invoice”.

Invoice/Quote Address field

Up to now, the client address displayed a PDF invoice or quote was the address of the linked Company or Contact.

You can now specify an address specific to an invoice/quote which overrides the company or contact address.

When the Address field of an invoice/quote is filled in, this is the Address that will be displayed in the PDF file download.

Sales Form templates

You can now embed Form templates that are sales-related, directly in the Sales app.

Select the form templates to embed in the Sales Options menu / Display tab / Sales form templates section.

A link to the forms for each of the selected templates will appear in the left pane menu in the Sales web app and on the main screen of the Sales mobile app. In addition, a link to the Inbox for these form templates will be displayed.

NB: The Inbox is the list of Forms that have a pending workflow Action.

Open Punch items in Forms and Projects

When Punch Items have been added in a Project or a Form, the total count of items is displayed on the Project or Form home screen on the web.

If there are any Open Punch items remaining, the count display will be highlighted in orange in order to alert the user. If there are no Open items and some Completed items which are not Closed, the highlight is blue. If there are only Closed items, the highlight is gray.