Schedule a meeting directly from a Contact or Company

You can now add a meeting event in the Upvise Calendar directly from a Contact or Company:

– from your web account, click on the Schedule a meeting button in the contact/company view mode.

– from your phone, select Schedule a meeting in the Activity section of the contact/company view mode

From the Contact or Customer view, you can also see the list of appointments/events for this entry.


Upvise for Android Tablets (Honeycomb)

We just released a completely redesigned version of Upvise v3.7, optimized for Android Honeycomb tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Motorolla Xoom.

Just search for Upvise Pro in the Android Market and install it on your tablet directly.

it includes:

  • Left pane to quickly access your data
  • Integrated action buttons on the top Action Bar¬†for common tasks, such as New, Edit, Next/Previous…
  • Search box at the top of the screen
  • Smart layout when changing from landscape to portrait mode
  • and much more…