New Report on Closed Deals

We have added a Closed Deals report to the Sales web application.

This enables managers to view the total amount won by each Staff member in Closed Deals over a given period: last 12 months, year to date, this quarter.


Updated Tasks web app

We have made some updates to the Tasks web app:

  • Simplified Tasks list view on one line. Note that you can export task lists as a PDF file e.g. for printing purposes. The PDF includes a full version of task notes.
  • New context+right click menu on a Task in a list to Edit, Delete, Set high priority or Snooze
  • New Open + Completed tabs in Task list view
  • New Default Open Task list view with tabs for Overdue / Today / Tomorrow / Later / Someday

Customizable Project Stages

We have introduced a new field to define Stages for a Project. This field is customizable, i.e. you can create and edit your own Stage names and order, from the Projects web app, More-Options menu.

The default Stage names are: Initiation, Execution, Planning, Completed.

Note that for existing Projects, the Stages field replaces the Status field. The Status field now only has two values: Active/Open or Closed. You must now use the Stage field to specify your own stage values.

My Team in Contacts

My Team is a special group of Contacts. It lists the Users defined in your account that have a corresponding Contact defined in Upvise.

When you add a new User to your account from the Manage Users section of your web account Settings, a My Team Contact is automatically created using the display name and email. You can add more details by editing the Contact in the Contacts app.

Note that you cannot add contacts directly to My Team. A contact will automatically appear in My Team when its Email corresponds to the Email of one of the Users you have created in your account Manage Users section.

You can also view the users in your Team on a Map. This requires the Share Location setting to be checked on the user’s mobile device.