Form Scripting: send PDF by email

Use Forms.emailPdf to send a Form PDF by email when a Form is submitted. You can specify your own subject and body for the email.

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Custom Email template to send Form PDF

You can now create a custom email template to send Form PDF files by email to a client.

To customize the email for each form template, goto the Forms web app, click on Configure Templates from the Left pane menu, open a form template and goto the Custom Email tab.

You can enter a Subject and Message, which will replace the default email when sending Form PDFs. Use Placeholders to insert values dynamically in the email:

  • My name
  • Form name
  • Linked Item name: example a linked Contact or Project
  • All the form fields

When you open a Form and click on the icon to export the Form as a PDF file, select Email PDF. On the web, this will open a pane where you can check the customized email before sending. On the mobile, this will open the default email editor app (note that version 5.7.28 is required for the custom email to work).

Display Contact Notes in Deal screen

In the View Deal screen, you now have the option to display the notes associated with the Contacts linked to the Deal.

To activate this option, goto the Sales web app Options menu / Deals tab and check the “Display Contact Tasks and Notes” setting.

If a Deal has linked contacts, all the notes attached to these contacts will then appear in the Deal’s Notes section, including Emails and Phone call logs. Tasks associated with the contacts will appear in the Contact Tasks section as before.

Create simple Form Letters

You can now use the Forms app to create simple form letters.

A Letter is exported as a PDF file from a Form, and uses the form-specific values to replace placeholders in your custom template.

To customize the PDF layout for a form template, goto Configure Templates from the Left pane in the Forms web app, select a template and open the Export PDF tab.

In the Customize layout section, use the HTML editor to enter your custom letter text and layout. Click on Insert Field in the blue bar to select a Form Field value to be inserted dynamically in the PDF output.

To create a letter, open a form with this template, enter form values then click on Export PDF.

Note that this feature is meant to create letters with a simple layout (no tables or tabulations, no images, etc…)

User group filter on the Job Web App Scheduling Calendar

We added a User group filter button on the Job Web Calendar.
  1. Go to Contacts app, in My Team view from left pane.
  2. Add each My Team contact to a group. To do so, edit the contact and select a contact group.
  3. Then in Jobs web app, calendar view, click on Groups button and select the desired group.

The scheduling calendar will display only user in the selected group.