Manage Phone Calls section in Contact and Company view

We have created a Manage Phone Calls section in the view screen of a Contact or Company, with actions to schedule a call back and to log a call for the item.

It appears both on the mobile phone and on the web, and makes the management of your calls to customers more consistent than previously, where calls could only be logged through the Manage Phone Calls section of the Contacts app main screen.



Bugfix in Duplication of Project Templates

We have posted a fix to the following bug in the Projects web app:

When duplicating a project template, tasks were copied twice, once in the Tasks and once in the Milestones section.

Tasks are now created only once in the Tasks section.

Contacts Shared by All Users

We have added an option in the Contacts app, to allow all contacts to be shared by all users of the company account, whether they own the contact or not and whatever their user privilege.

You can set this option in the Contacts web app / More Options button. When ‘Data Shared by All Users’ is checked, all Contacts and Companies are accessible by all users, even Standard Users, who can otherwise only access the data they own.