Upvise Mobile Wikipedia available in more languages

We got a lot of user requests to support multiple languages for Upvise Mobile Wikipedia. We just did it: we have added the latest versions of Wikipedia in German, French, Italian and Spanish. You can now search, read, bookmark and sync your bookmarks with your free Upvise account in all these languages plsu Enlgish of course.

For your info, the uncompressed Wikipedia database (dated April 08) for English is about 15GB, German is 4GB, Spanish is 2GB, French is 3.5GB and Italian 2GB. But of course, because we are using smart compression, a full article is only 30KB on the average, it takes just few seconds to download to your mobile using a GPRS/EDGE connection. With 3G or Wifi, it is allmost instantaneous.

To get the latest update on your mobile:

  1. Start Upvise on your mobile (if you do not have it yet, install Upvise on your mobile first.)
  2. Refresh the home page, i.e. press the star key * (or select Refresh meu item on Windows Mbile and Blackberry).
  3. Select Wikipedia : you should be seeing options to search in each language in the Search menu.




Upvise is now available on Google Android platform

I’m pleased to announce you that Upvise is now available for Google Android platform.

To my best knowledge, it is the first business application suite for Google Android, and we submitted it to the Google Developer Contest!

Ok, there is no phone available yet, but Samsung and HTC should announce phones running on Android before the end of the year. In the meantime, you can try it on your computer and download the Upvise Client for Android. It works with the Android Emulator on your computer.

Upvise for Android comes in two editions:

Upvise Personal Edition for Android: lets you manage and synchronize  your indispensable information between your (upcoming) Android phone and your free Upvise web account.  It comes with the following mobile apps: Contacts, Notebooks, Shopping Lists, Wikipedia, News Reader, and more…

Upvise Business Edition for Android: provides mobile on-demand collaboration software and hosted services for your company. It enables you and your team to access, share and update your key critical company data anytime anywhere on any mobile phone. It comes with the following mobile applications:

  • Mobile Contact Manager and simple CRM. Keep track of who your business talks to, what was said, and what to do next. Assign tasks to yourself or co-workers, manage opportunities.
  • Mobile Project Manager. Collaborate with your team and clients. Tasks, milestones, issues and more.
  • Mobile Workspaces. Organize, store, and share your company knowledge and data.

Some screenshots of Upvise running on the Android Simulator

Upvise Business Contact home page on Android    Upvise integration with Google Dialer application

Upvise Google map integration on Android    Upvise on Android


Unyverse becomes Upvise: Launch of Upvise Business Edition

With the launch of our Business Edition, our software has been rebranded from Unyverse to Upvise. Unyverse Pte Ltd is still our company name, and we now offer two types of user accounts:

The Upvise Personal Edition includes the same applications as previously, i.e. Wikipedia, RSS News, Contacts, Notebooks, Shopping lists. Existing Unyverse user accounts are converted to Upvise Personal accounts. When you download the update from the Unyverse software on your mobile, will see a new Upvise program icon after download. All your apps and data are now accessible in this new version. You can delete the Unyverse program from your device.

Upvise Business Edition is our new offer for small businesses. It provides mobile on-demand collaboration software and hosted services, which enable a team to access, share and update key critical company data anytime anywhere on a mobile phone. The suite of Upvise applications includes a Business Contact Manager, Projects, Workspaces and Users. It is a premium service, but is free during the beta period which will last for about 5 months. So hurry and try it out while it’s free!

Some users may also have noticed that we do not make any reference to wikis anymore. We were previously using the term wiki in a very generic sense as a “medium which can be edited by anyone with access to it”. However we were not actually providing a mobile version of wikis as people have come to know them, i.e. typically in Wikipedia with an article, a revision history, editing in wiki language, etc… As we were perhaps stretching the meaning a bit too far, we have decided to simply use the term “mobile app” instead of wiki.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our new version, and also to ideas and suggestions on how our business apps can be even more useful to your company.