Week number in web Calendar

In the Calendar Week view in your web account, the week number is now displayed next to the date range.


18 Mar – 24 Mar 2019 [12]

For the week starting 18 March 2019, the week number is 12.

This applies to the Calendar web app, as well as the Calendar in the Jobs web app.


Company Contact Forms

When there are forms linked to the Contacts in a Company, the forms are now displayed directly on the Company page.

Previously these forms were accessible in an indirect way only, by navigating into the list of contacts, and for each contact, navigating to the forms section.

You can now know straight away if there are forms linked to the Company’s contacts.

A “Forms (Contacts)” link appears on the Company page, and you can open the list of forms linked to contacts. On the web, this appears in the grid boxes next to the Forms box. On the mobile, it appears in the Company Activity screen, next to Forms.

Automatic Job numbering

When creating a new Job, it is now possible to use an automatic job numbering scheme.

To turn on this option, simply check the “Use Auto Job Numbering” box in the Jobs General Options menu in your web account.

The new Job name is automatically filled in with a number in the format: YYYY-nnnn

YYYY is the current year.
nnnn is a zero-padded number that is automatically incremented at each new job creation within the account.

Note that you can still edit the Job name and add or remove any text. The automatic counter is simply provided for your convenience in job numbering.

N.B.: the name is first created with the placeholder “[NEW]”. This string gets updated with the latest counter at the next server sync. If you are online, this will happen immediately on a mobile and after you click to validate the job creation in your web account. If offline, the counter gets updated at the next sync. This ensures that the counter is always the latest and does conflict in case of simultaneous and concurrent job creations by different user accounts  (no duplicates).


Invoice/Quote Address field

Up to now, the client address displayed a PDF invoice or quote was the address of the linked Company or Contact.

You can now specify an address specific to an invoice/quote which overrides the company or contact address.

When the Address field of an invoice/quote is filled in, this is the Address that will be displayed in the PDF file download.