Updates to Jobs and Sales app

Improved Quote to Job to Invoice Workflow:

– Create a Job from a Confirmed Quote in Sales app
– Create Invoice for a Job: if there is a linked Confirmed Quote, creates the ┬áinvoice from this quote and sets the quote to Invoiced. In all cases, add the products/services linked to Job to the Invoice.
– the Job Report is appended to the PDF Invoice

Recurring Jobs can now also be created from a Mobile.

UI changes on the Mobile:

– Dashboard menu item appears for Managers on the Home screen
– Clear view of items requiring Action: Overdue, Unassigned or Not invoiced Jobs.
– Monitor Jobs in Progress or High Priority
– View Chart of Jobs Pipeline by Date and Staff.
– Browse Open, Recurring, Completed or by Group.

UI Changes in the Web interface:

– New Dashboard : counters with actions required (Overdue, Unassigned, Not invoiced), Reports menu moved from left pane to this section.
– Simplification of the UI to be more intuitive and clear: in the Left pane, Schedule is replaced by Calendar/List and Map views.
– In Maps view: list of jobs with no geocode and online batch geocoding functionality.
– Options menu: in Display, choose default start screen, select users in Calendar.
– Groups are accessible as a single item from the left pane.
– Recurring Jobs are now accessible from the left pane