Project Group filter Enhancements

There is a new group icon filter on the projects mobile app screen, to filter projects by group.

If you have lot of projects and users and you want to organize projects by region or zone, you can create different groups :

  • on the Project web app, go to Options from left pane
  • click on Groups tab and create different groups
  • edit one or more projects and set the group field

On the mobile app, tap on the group icon on the toolbar  to filter the list. This way a manager responsible for projects in one region will see by default projects for his region only.

We also added an Overdue item on the main page, which lists all overdue icons.

The color code for project has also been updated:

  • Red for overdue projects
  • Green for ongoing projects
  • Blue for projects not started yet



Manage Project Expenses

You can now track your project related expenses.

In the Project view screen in your web account, open the Finance tab and click + then select Expense. Linked expenses will appear in the Finance tab.

In the Project view screen on your mobile, goto the Finance section, then tap + and select Expense. Linked expenses will appear in this section.

You can also create an expense from the Expenses app and link it to a Project from the Edit Expense screen.

Product Stock Management

To enable product stock management, goto the Options menu in the Sales web app, and check “Product Stock Management” in the General tab, Catalog section.

Once this option is activated, a Stock tab will appear in the Product view in the Catalog.

How to add and remove stock items

To manually add to or remove items from a Product stock, go to the Stock tab and tap + then select Add to Stock or Remove from Stock. Enter a quantity, date and optional Note.

The history of all stock transactions on a Product is displayed in the Stock tab.

When you mark a Quote as Confirmed, the quoted product quantities are automatically removed from each Product stock. When you confirm a Purchase Order, the ordered quantities are automatically added to each Product stock.

Low Stock warning

You can be alerted when the Stock goes below a certain level for each Product.

In the Options menu General tab, enter a non-zero value in the “Low stock warning threshold” field. When the Stock level of any Product reaches this value or goes below, the Product is flagged as a Low Stock Product.

Note that you can also set a specific “Low stock threshold” per Product, which overrides the General setting. In the Edit Product screen, if the “Low stock warning threshold” field has a non-zero value, this level is used for the Product in place of the General value.

In the Catalog web Dashboard, the Low Stock indicator shows the number of Low Stock Products. Click on the Indicator to display the list of Low Stock Products in the Catalog, ordered by lowest stock level. In the Catalog section on the mobile, the Low Stock menu lists the Low Stock Products.

A “Low Stock” notification is sent whenever an item is added or removed from a Product Stock and the Product has a Low Stock level.

Low Stock products are highlighted in orange, those with negative stock levels being shown in red.

Use Wholesale Price in Quotes

You can now specify a Wholesale Price for a Product in the Catalog:

  • On the mobile, goto the Edit Product screen, then open the Price tab and fill in the Wholesale Price field.
  • On the web, goto Edit Product and fill in the Wholesale Price field in the Price section.

When you create a Quote, you can use the Wholesale Price instead of the Price for every product added: goto the Edit Quote screen, then open the Price tab and check Use Wholesale Price.

Once the option is checked, every new product will be added to the quote using the Wholesale Price. Note that if the wholesale price is not set or set to 0, the price of the product in the quote will be 0.

Purchase Orders workflow

We have enhanced the workflow for Purchase Orders. When a P.O. is first created, it has the status Open. It can then be confirmed by tapping on the Mark Confirmed button.

Note that a P.O. can only be confirmed if at least one product or service has been added and one company or contact has been specified.

When the P.O. is confirmed, and if Product Stock Management is enabled, the quantity of products ordered is added to the Stock for each product.

N.B.: make sure to check “Purchase Orders” in the Display tab of the Options menu to see the Purchase Orders menu item.