Updated Upvise client v 2.2 for Google Android

We just updated the Upvise client for Google Android / T-Mobile G1 Phone:

  1. list items and toolbar back and action buttons are now bigger, to make it easier to navigate with the finger
  2. the left / right trackball action is now disabled by default. Because of the sensibility of the trackball, it interfered with the up / down movements. You can enable it again in the Settings > Display > Enable Left  / Right Keys
  3. the send mail and send SMS actions now start the Google GMail client
  4. when editing multiline notes, the cursor is now positionned at the top the edit box instead of the center in the previous version

To update the Upvise client on the G1 phone, simply start the Android market icon and search for Upvise.


Alphabetical sorting of lists, Snooze Due Dates, Multiple contact links

To respond to overwhelming demand, contact lists are finally sorted in alphabetical order on your mobile. Alpha sorting applies to most lists,  except notes which are ordered by creation date, and tasks which are ordered by due date.

Setting the due date for a task has become really simple. On your mobile, when you create a task, the default due date is set to Tomorrow. When you click on the due date field, you can change the date to Tomorrow, This week (sets the date in 6 days time), Next month (in one month’s time), or else set a custom date. On the web, you can also snooze due dates easily by clicking on the  Tomorrow, This week or Next Month links.
There is also a new edit screen for custom dates, which makes an intuitive use of the up/down/left/right navigation keys. 

Finally, in Projects and Tasks, you can now add multiple contact and companies. Previously you were limited to only one contact. You can now also add multiple notes to Projects, Contacts and Companies. The notes are stored in the Workspaces application.