Automatically Log Incoming Calls

We have added a functionality in Upvise 4 for Android to allow logging of phone calls that you receive on your phone.

The option can be enabled in the Contacts mobile app in the Manage Phone Calls section.

After you hang up from a phone call, you will be automatically prompted by Upvise to enter a call log. If the phone number does not already exist in Upvise, you can create the associated contact in Upvise. You can also schedule a call back for this contact. Logs and callbacks will appear in the Manage Phone Call module of Upvise.


4 thoughts on “Automatically Log Incoming Calls

    • This was a bug in the software, which we have now fixed. If you upgrade to the latest version of Upvise for Android, you will be able to uncheck the option.

  1. When I try to create a new Contact from the menu after the phone call, the Android App (for Samsung Galaxy Note II) does nothing.

    • We posted a fix for this issue yesterday. Please sign out from Upvise and sign in again to take into account the update.

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