Upvise Forms Enhancements: View Screen & Next Previous Button & Duplicate

We just released a new version of the Forms app for Android:

  • we added a View Form screen from the list view, with next previous buttons to quickly browse all forms in the list
  • The Export PDF item in now in the menu
  • There is a new Duplicate function in the menu to duplicate the current form.

New Map Features for Contacts app

We  added the following new features to the Contacts app on mobile:

  • View all Contacts on a Map : in the Contacts app, tap on Contacts, then Map view in the menu
  • View all Companies on a Map : in the Contacts app, tap on Companies, then Map view in the menu
  •  When you view a contact or companies nearby records on the map, the current record has a gray marker, and nearby contacts are in red, nearby companies in blue.

New Upvise app v4.6.6 for Android

We just published a new version of Upvise for Android version 4.6.6:

  • Allows you to select an existing photo from the Gallery native app when using Take Picture  function (in addition to take a new camera picture)
  • Support of multi value Custom Fields (Contacts, Companies, Products & Projects)
  • Minor bug fixes

It is available for download on Google Play.